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Motives® Shimmer Stick

Motives® Shimmer Stick


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A versatile, creamy color stick that warms the skin with a touch of shimmer. Skillfully highlight and contour areas of the face – eyes, cheeks and nose – or strategically place along the contours of the body for a sheer, luminous glow.




  • Highlight and contour facial features
  • Add shimmer to the collar bone and décolletage
  • Creamy texture applies smoothly and blends evenly




How do I use Motives Shimmer Stick?

  • Twist the base of the tube until color stick emerges
  • Apply to eyes, cheeks, nose or body in sweeping or circular motions
  • Blend with Motives Foundation Brush or clean fingertips


In what other ways can I use Motives Shimmer Stick? Apply it to the eyelids as a shimmery base for pressed eye shadow, or to the cupid’s bow (heart-shaped area above your top lip) to give the appearance of a plumper pout.


When should I apply Motives Shimmer Stick? Apply before foundation for a subtle glow or after for a shimmery finish that warms and completes the look.


How do I pick which color I should use? Motives Shimmer Stick is available in four shades from a cool pearl to warm pink to bronzed tones. Island Glow and Bronzed are ideal for adding bronze shimmer to the face and body, or for contouring the jaw and hair lines, and hollows of the cheek. Moonlight is ideal for highlighting the bridge of the nose, upper cheek bones, above the brows, center of the chin and your cupid’s bow. Sunkissed is ideal for adding warm pink shimmer to the apples of the cheeks or collar bone.


Is this product animal tested? Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product. See All


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