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Motives® Retractable Powder Brush

Motives® Retractable Powder Brush


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A convenient, retractable powder brush that keeps the brush protected and clean. This brush is portable and convenient for last minute touch-ups. Use for all-over powder or for blush application and contouring.



  • Retractable powder brush made from nylon bristlessynthetic hair for powder or blush application
  • Perfect for on-the-go beauty




Is the Motives® Retractable Powder Brush durable?
Yes, Motives Retractable Powder Brush is made with strong goat hair tosynthetic hair, designed to withstand multiple applications. Protected by its metal cap, this powder brush is designed to withstand the wear and tear as you take it on-the go..

Can I use any Motives® Pressed Powder or Motives® Blush with Motives® Retractable Powder Brush?
Yes, any Motives Pressed Blush or Pressed Powder is acceptable to use with this brush.

How do I use Motives® Retractable Powder Brush?
Swirl the brush in powder and tap off any excess. Gently buff powder onto the face in a circular motion, starting at the forehead and working down around the face. For blush – get an even amount on the tip of your brush. Then, smile and sweep the brush in a U shape along your cheek bone and out to your temple. 

How do I clean my Motives® Retractable Powder Brush?
To clean your Motives Retractable Powder Brush simply spray your brush cleaner onto a hand towel or paper towel and swirl your brush until it is clean. Lay your brush flat to dry to protect the bristles from shedding. 

Is Motives® Retractable Powder Brush made from cruelty-free practices?
Yes, this brush is made cruelty- free.

*No Motive products are tested on animals. See All


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