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Motives® Mineral Gel Eyeliner

Motives® Mineral Gel Eyeliner


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A unique, mineral-based formulation that allows the precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel-based formula. The eyeliner glides on smoothly and precisely, then quickly dries down to a silky-soft finish.


Create this Look:

  • Start by applying Motives Eye Base to the lid
  • Use a small piece of household tape for a more precise application
  • Use the Motives Maven Demure Palette for highlight, transition and darkening the outer v/ lower lash line
  • Apply the Motives Glitter Base to the lid, this is in preparation for the next step.
  • With a fluffy brush, add a small amount of Motives Gem Sparkles in Morganite over the glitter adhesive
  • Line the top lash line with Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress using a short sweeping motion with your Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Top off your look by applying Motives Lip Candies in Cotton Candy




How do I use Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner? 
First, using the round tip of the Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush scoop out a small amount of the product and place on the back of your hand. Next, dab the tip of the brush on the product until the bristles are coated. Lastly, starting at the inner corner line your eyelid with short, precise strokes, ensuring that you fill in any gaps to achieve a perfectly straight line.


How many colors does Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner come in?
Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner comes in two colors: Little Black Dress (black) and Chocoholic (brown).


Is Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner for all eye colors? 
Of course! Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner is available in two neutral colors, black and brown, that work with any eye color.


Is Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner safe for sensitive eyes? 
Although we cannot guarantee the safety with using Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner, the mineral formula is talc, paraben and fragrance free so that it does not irritate the eye.


Is this product animal tested? 
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.See All


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