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Motives® Lip Crayon

Motives® Lip Crayon


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A lip crayon that effortlessly glides on as a precise line for controlled application. An infusion of antioxidants pampers lips for a healthy-looking pout while maintaining an all-day stay, so you’re ready for anything. Color outside the lines! 


  • Glides on easily for precision application
  • Creamy and smooth texture applies gently, unlike most lip pencils
  • Long-lasting color
  • Amazing staying power
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic



How do I use Motives Lip Crayon? 
First, choose a color that closely matches your lipstick. Next, simply line the outer edges of your lips from top to bottom. Pay close attention when you line the right and left corners of your lips to ensure you do not line too far outside your lip line.


Why is using a lip pencil important? 
Applying a lip pencil before your lipstick will help keep the color from bleeding. You can also utilize the lip pencil to make lips look fuller or smaller. To achieve fuller-looking lips, apply just outside your natural lip line. To make lips appear smaller, apply foundation to the outer edges of your lip and draw a lip shape just inside your natural lip line.


Why is Motives Lip Crayon called a crayon instead of a pencil? 
Motives Lip Crayon is unique in that the tip of the product resembles a crayon. It is softer than a pencil and rounds easily with sharpening so that it is gentle on the skin during application.


How many colors does Motives Lip Crayon come in? 
Motives Lip Crayon comes in several colors ranging from nude, pink, red, purple and brown.


Is this product animal tested? 
Motives does not conduct or commission animal testing of any finished product.


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