Motives® Gentle Eye Makeup Remover


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An extra-gentle eye makeup remover that soothes as it cleanses and won’t irritate contacts. It leaves the area clean and soft, while leaving your lashes silky and conditioned.



  • Removes makeup quickly and easily
  • Formulated for gentle removal of makeup without irritation
  • Ideal for contact lens wearers




My eyes are very sensitive to other cleansers. How do I know this product won’t hurt? Motives Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is formulated with citric acid, an ingredient that removes makeup without stinging. It also helps protect the skin around the eye and leaves it feeling firmer.


Is it gentle enough to use every day? 
Yes. The powerful but gentle ingredients make it suitable for daily use.


Other makeup removers have left my skin oily. Will this Motives product do that? 
No, Motives Gentle Eye Makeup Remover should not leave your skin feeling wet. The oils seep into the skin; they don’t linger on the surface.


Is Motives Gentle Eye Makeup Remover tested on animals? 
No. This product was not tested on animals and was made 100 percent cruelty free.

*Motive products are not tested on animals. See All


Will Motives Gentle Eye Makeup Remover remove waterproof makeup? 
Motives Gentle Eye Makeup Remover may help to loosen waterproof makeup but will most likely not remove it.


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