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Motives® Foundation Brush

Motives® Foundation Brush


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This specialty brush features a high-end blend of synthetic fibers and goat hair that won't swell with age and ensure foundation blends without streaking. It can be used with all Motives and Motives for La La foundation formulas — from cream to liquid. It applies just the right amount of foundation smoothly and evenly for a flawless foundation application.



  • Allows you to evenly distribute and blend foundation
  • Eliminates waste while providing perfect coverage
  • Features a high-quality blend of synthetic fibers and goat hair
  • Brush is made cruelty free




What type of foundation should be applied with a foundation brush? You should use a foundation brush to apply liquid or cream foundation onto all areas of the face. The bristles are especially designed to pick up and deposit foundation on the face without soaking up the product, meaning you save money yearly on liquid foundation.


What products work well with Motives Foundation Brush? We suggest that you use the Motives Foundation Brush to apply any Motives and Motives for La La liquid or cream foundations.


Do I really need a foundation brush? Can’t I just use my hands to apply my foundation? We recommend that you don’t use your hands to apply makeup as this can add oil to your face. By using a foundation brush, you can achieve a smooth, even finish with no waste, making your foundation last longer.


Is Motives Foundation Brush durable? Yes, it is made from a durable, high-quality blend of synthetic fibers and goat hair.


Is this product made from cruelty-free practices? Yes, the brush is made cruelty free.

*No Motive products are tested on animals. See All


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