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Motives® Detailing Brush

Motives® Detailing Brush


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A brush featuring a small head that allows for total control of shadow placement to pick up the perfect amount of pigment every time. Create unlimited effects with this expertly designed brush, from classic shadow, to runway trends, and the smokey eye.



  • Ideally shaped bristles to detail all types of eye shapes with ease
  • Small size makes it perfect for the most intricate designs
  • Ultra soft bristles will not harm the eye area
  • Made with synthetic hair
  • Cruelty-free




How should I use Motives® Detailing Brush?
There are many great ways to use Motives Detailing Brush. Pick up a dark shade of Motives Pressed Eye Shadow and detail the crease of your eye or line your lashes for a softer eyeliner effect. You can also be creative and use Motives Detailing Brush as your paint brush to create elaborate designs on the face and body for a fashion shoot or show.


What products does Motives® Detailing Brush work best with?
We suggest that you use this brush to apply Motives® Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow, Motives Gem Sparkles, Motives Gem Dust, Motives Glitter Pots or Motives Crème Eye Shadows.


Will Motives® Detailing Brush work with all eye shapes?
Yes, Motives Detailing Brush has small, firm bristles so that it applies precisely on any eye shape, from almond to down- turned to hooded. Although firm, the soft bristles are gentle on any eye.


How big is the brush itself?
It’s a small brush, similar in size to a lip brush, making it ideal for creating precise details in the corners of the eye or along the lash line.


Is this brush made from cruelty-free practices?
Yes, this brush is made cruelty-free with synthetic hair.

*No Motive products are tested on animals. See All


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