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Motives® Cheek Contour Brush

Motives® Cheek Contour Brush


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A brush featuring a slanted-bristle design that easily hugs the contours of the face for even, precise application that pronounces your cheeks in a simple sweep. Brighten and sculpt your facial features in a single gesture with this angled brush.



  • Allows you to contour and highlight the cheeks
  • Made from the finest materials available
  • Synthetic bristles
  • Brushes are made cruelty free




How do I use Motives Cheek Contour Brush? To contour, pick up Motives Pressed Bronzer or Motives Pressed Blush with the angled side, remove excess product and using a sweeping motion, shade the under-side of the cheekbone making sure to blend evenly.


What products does Motives Cheek Contour Brush work best with? We suggest that you use the Motives Cheek Contour Brush with Motives Pressed Bronzer, Motives Blush Bronzer Duo, Motives Shape & Sculpt Duo, Motives 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze and Highlight Kit or Motives Pressed Blush.


Why should I contour my cheeks? We suggest using the Motives Cheek Contour Brush to shape cheekbones by perfectly applying powders to the contours of the face. This gives the illusion of a more perfect appearance by hiding structural imperfections, giving your face balance and highlighting features.


Is the Motives Cheek Contour Brush durable? Yes, Motives Cheek Brush is made with strong synthetic bristles and is easily cleaned for multiple applications.


Is this product made from cruelty-free practices? Yes, Motives Cheek Contour Brush is made cruelty free.

*No Motive products are tested on animals. See All


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